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About Rove Soapsheets


Missioned to grant access to sustainable, single-use paper hand soap to underserved communities globally. 

We're Detroit-based to foster change, stimulate the economy and alleviate hardship among underserved community residents through employment and business mentorship. Located in the heart of the Rust Belt, our mission is to give disadvantaged communities like Detroit a foundation to break barriers within the supply industry through actionable education, resources, philanthropy, and generational wealth building. Our core purpose is to impact our communities and larger markets by reducing poverty, unemployment, recidivism, incarceration, and low entrepreneurialism within economically challenged urban communities, markets, and regions locally, nationally, and globally. The Tafari Group and Rove Brands were birthed within the heart of Detroit's urban renaissance aiding us in our quest for a more multidimensional perspective on our relationship with fellow community members through mentorship in supply and retail showing them a clear path to wealth building. We hire local Detroit residents within our community to provide jobs as well as to keep fellow business owners in afloat.


Founded on Portable Health and Wellness

Prior to COVID-19 our founder frequently traveled back home to Jamaica to visit family. Being that Jamaica is a developing country and often found here in the states, it is very rare or touch and go to find soap available in public bathrooms and there are no rest stops like in developed countries. In 2020, COVID-19 hit and birthed our hero product Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets. Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets aids in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria with ease allowing persons to have the ability to wash their hands while out and about in any environment or situation. 

When life on-the-go gets a little messy.