Never go soapless again, purchase your disappearing paper soap TODAY!

Sanitizer Could Never...

Did you know that Sanitizer doesn't sterilize fecies, body fluids not blood? Our Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets are perfect for those “Ugh! No soap!” moments washing off dirt, germs and bacteria vs leaving dirt on hands with drying sanitizer.

On The Road

Let's face it public places are gross and cakey, drying sanitizer doesn't remove dirt or kill all germs and bacteria. Hand washing with soap removes germs from hands preventing infection. Plus we touch our faces more than 20 times an hour on average. Get rid of pesky germs on the go clean with just a half or a full sheet and water.

On Vacation

Don't let germs and bacteria on hands pile up like those vacation hours. Our pocket sized, skin softening and TSA compliant paper soap are perfect for when life gets a little messy adventuring. Our light and drip free Rove Biodegradable Paper Soapsheets fit perfectly in backpacks, carry-on bags, and luggage making it the perfect personal care travel accessory and travel companion. Have safe travels your next cruise or flight with our paper soaps by your side.

On The Go

Let's face it, we're in serious hot water. One fourth of soap from refillable soap dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated by bacteria leaving hands filthier post hand washing. Don't reach for that bar soap at your friend's house either. Sharing bar soap spreads germs and viruses more often than not. Our protective single soap sheet cases are ideal for everyday use in public spaces and outdoor activities lessening the spread of germs and bacteria.

With The Sheets!

My mom ordered these for her birthday trip to Jamaica and blessed me with one also. While on the road, I went to a restroom that was out of soap and was able to use it. Perfect to have no matter where you are in the world.

Janet McClain

Works and lathers just like regular soap that you can take anywhere to keep your hands clean.

Mike Simpson

These paper sheets came in handy when I was on a camping/ road trip. It definitely beats carrying a bar of soap and trying to store it wet in your bag. I absolutely LOVE these tiny soap sheets!

Stephanie Luke


Why Rove Paper Soapsheets vs Sanitizer and Bar Soap?

Washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds is the most effective way to clean hands. Why carry a wet bar of soap or layer up on drying sanitizer when you can wash your hands with ease and convenience using Rove Paper Soapsheets. Our lightweight soluble paper soap removes dirt and germs without the yucky layered sanitizer feeling. Perfect for when life gets a little messy.  

How do Rove Paper Soapsheets work?

1. Remove one sheet from packaging with dry hands

2. Place on or in hand

3. Wet hands with water and lather for 20 seconds

4. Rinse and repeat when life gets messy

How big is the Rove Paper Soapsheet case?

The case is small enough for shirt and pants pockets, purses, carry on bags, back packs and glove compartments measuring in at about 1.77in x 2.56in.

How big is a Rove Paper Soapsheet?

A single paper soapsheet is small and sudsy enough for hands of all sized measuring in at about 1.50in x 2.37in.

What are the Ingredients?

Starch, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Natural Oils and Fats (Myristyl Alcohol), Glycerin, Humectant derived from Beets (Betaine), Mineral Oil, Methyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate, Propyl 4-Hydroxybenzoate, Natural Pigment, Natural Essence.

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